Bags of Oz are importers, exporters and wholesalers of top quality exotic, natural and vegan leather handbags and accessories.

We place great emphasis in sourcing the best high-end products from around the world. Such products are not commonly available and are appreciated by those wanting to offer something different. Corporate and custom requirements can be discussed.

Main Product Lines

Ladies and men’s handbags, purses, wallets, belts, travel bags, executive cases, and accessories. Specializing in top quality ostrich, crocodile, kangaroo, Stingray, calf, cow and vegan leathers.

Brands we carry


Ostrich leather

Adhering to internationally accepted standards, Bags of Oz carries mostly Full point ostrich leather handbags. These represent the ultimate in status for the fashion conscious consumer. Ostrich leather costs 5 to 7 times more than a good calf leather, so we ensure to only stock products which match up in terms of the metal fittings used, lining, supporting raw materials and of course the workmanship.

The Key selling points with ostrich leather is that it’s exclusive, the wide range of colours it is available in, the timelessness of the leather and its adaptability to the creation of main stream fashion styles and shapes.

Via La Moda

This brand represents superb quality and style, at a reasonable price. Mostly full analine tanned leather from the best tanneries in the world is used, with most of the components originating from Italy and Germany. This brand is also sold in well known international stores like Asprey in London, Madler in Switzerland and Mitsukoshi in Japan.

Crocodile leather

With crocodile becoming ever more popular in the fashion industry, Bags of Oz carries products made from various species of crocodile, including the African Nile crocodile, Australian Porosis and American Alligator. All suppliers adhere to the stringent requirements of CITES, thus allowing hassle free dealings on the part of retailers interested in carrying a line of crocodile leather products

Kangaroo Leather

Our range of Kangaroo leather products is offered under the brand “KANGO B.O.Z” which specialises in offering only fashionable kangaroo handbags and accessories.

KANGO B.O.Z aims to utilise mostly top grade, RED species, of kangaroo skins for its line of products. Supply of red species kangaroo is limited as the skins are very sought after internationally due to their smoother grain and texture. This ensures KANGO B.O.Z differentiates itself from kangaroo leather products commonly available and results in a soft, light, full grain analine leather range of products being offered, with signature lining in all items, quality metal fittings and superb craftsmanship.


A line of small leather goods made from bright and colourful stingray leather is carried under the Via La Moda brand. Despite its seemingly tough exterior, this range of stingray has been uniquely processed so as to avoid having to stitch through the valuable outside layers, creating a very attractive edge stained finish with vegetable tanned cow hide leather inners. The craftsmanship and finish of this line of products is excellent.

Italian Calf and Cow Leather

A superb range of the latest fashion styled Italian Calf leather bags and accessories are carried in stock at all times. Bright fashionable colours, superb leather and a range of fashionable designs sure to impress represent our line of natural leathers.